Why Solar? Solar power and its conversion to electricity for heating, cooling and other uses is nonpolluting. 

The reasons vary for each person, though they mainly come down to the following:

  • It's free

  • It's clean

  • It's infinitely renewable

  • It can reduce your utility costs

  • It comes with incentives

  • It increases your energy self-reliance

  • It can also increase your home's value

  • It's extremely reliable

Advantages of the SunSource® Home Energy System

The SunSource Home Energy System is a grid-tied PV system that uses as its platform a high-efficiency air conditioner or heat pump from the Dave Lennox Signature ® Collection. These units come solar-ready, which means you can add solar modules to create a solar energy system, if and when you want one.

Upgrading to a high-efficiency air conditioner or heat pump from Lennox will allow you to reduce the energy demand of your home before adding solar.

You can start small, with one or two modules, and add more (up to 15 total, per outdoor unit) when your needs change or budget permits.

How SunSource works to reduce your utility costs

  • The solar modules harness the sun's energy to power the SunSource® Solar-Ready heat pump or air conditioner.

  • When the heat pump or air conditioner isn't running, the solar power can also operate other electrical devices in your home.

  • With net-metering, any surplus power goes back to the grid possibly entitling homeowners like you to a credit.

  • A communication module, which sends performance information for each solar module to a monitoring website, allows you to see the system status, energy production, and also shows the environmental benefits of using renewable energy for your home.

To learn more about how the SunSource Home Energy System works, tour our solar house.