Adam & Dawn Dorrington

Owners and daily employee’s Adam and Dawn Dorrington grew American Sheet Metal from a small 6 employee sheet metal business to a thriving HVAC company with over 14 full time employees. Their desire to learn and keep up with the latest Heating & Cooling equipment helps the company continually evolve. They are dedicated to both their employees and their community.

American Sheet Metal locally produces specialized metal work using machinery and their hands to craft the sheet metal into finished products rather than switching to computerized equipment. Which in turn helps to minimize our carbon footprint and keeping Helena’s tax dollars close to home.

A local Helena family started American Sheet Metal in 2007. With a clear focus on the HVAC industry, ASM began to build its company one customer at a time. Its mission was clear. The company would grow by valuing its customers and its employees alike. It is dedicated to providing quality work for each and every one of its growing list of clients. It would respect its employees and provide opportunities for them to grow.

A premium was placed on integrity and honesty. Employees were hired for their work ethic and their ability to provide value for ASM clients. Today, American Sheet Metal continues to pride itself on providing quality work and equipment. The company's base philosophy of honesty, integrity and hard work continues to be at the core of how the company is operated, and why it continues to grow.

Beyond providing exceptional, custom made work for the HVAC industry, American Sheet Metal also offers both metal fabrication services including sheet metal, custom fabrication with galvanized, paint lock, stainless steel and copper and also sells solar and geo-thermal products. We also manufacture custom sheets of steel flashing to protect and weatherproof homes and businesses. Each product is created to be long lasting and provide continuing value.

American Sheet Metal is bonded and insured, but the real guarantee of superior products and service is backed by the company's long history and family reputation.

There are no fancy slogans, there is no slick campaign. American Sheet Metal progresses through its unending desire to be the very best at what we do. You are invited to discover the results for yourself. See what American Sheet Metal can do for you.